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Who is Snowy Bear and why are children given a bear?

Snowy Bear, who is a white polar bear, was an obvious choice of emblem because the theme behind Slide Away is snow, mountains and snowboarding. Snowy Bear is a key part of our logo - the Slide part of our logo represents the 'down' part of grieving whereas the Away part of the logo represents the climb up again. Together with the bear, our logo reminds us that although grief causes us to fall down many times, we, like Snowy Bear, can pick ourselves up with the help of Slide Away. 


At the end of every workshop and memory day every child and young person (no matter what age) is presented with their own Snowy Bear. This offers children a tangible connection to their time at Slide Away. 

The presentation brings children and their families together at the end of our support, giving children the opportunity to share their achievements with their family and families to feel proud that their children have coped with what is a very emotional experience.