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The School Bereavement Contact

The School Bereavement Contact (SBC) is a member of the school staff who, with support and guidance from Slide Away, has responsibility for:

Providing information to a parent/carer on the service offered by Slide Away.

Referring bereaved pupils, with parent/carer’s permission, for a place at a Slide Away workshop.

Arranging pre-workshop meetings in school with the child, their parent/carer and Slide Away.

Ensuring that information is shared with relevant staff regarding a pupil's bereavement.

Keeping a record on a pupil's school file, with information about their bereavement and significant dates, e.g. anniversaries and ensuring that this information is transferred, with parent/carer’s permission, when the pupil changes school.




“Schools are often described as a haven of normality for the bereaved child,
who will feel secure with the structure and routine of the school day”