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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a School Bereavement Contact (SBC)?

A SBC is a member of the school staff who has volunteered to take on the role of School Bereavement Contact and will have received guidance and training from Slide Away. The SBC can be a listening ear in school, especially if you are having a bad day. The SBC will be able to tell you about Slide Away, what happens at a workshop and how attending a workshop might help you. If you think that you would like to attend a workshop, the SBC will speak with your parent or carer and arrange a meeting with a member of the Slide Away team.


Who will be at my workshop?

There are usually eight young people at a workshop and, often, they will have come from different schools. However, although it is unlikely that you will know each other, everyone understands why you are there and will be sensitive to how you are feeling.

'There will also be adults who are part of the Slide Away staff team and you will already have met one of them at your pre workshop meeting in school. If you would like to read about other members of the Slide Away team, who might be there for you on your workshop days, go onto our 'Staff Profiles' page.


I feel nervous about coming to Slide Away. What will it be like when I get there?

We usually start with a drink while we are getting to know each other and we’ll play a quick game to find out a bit more about each other. We may all feel a little bit nervous initially, but we all help each other to feel comfortable. Remember that, like you, all the other young people are there because someone special to them has died, so they may be feeling the same as you.


I’m a teenager - aren’t the activities too young for me?

We hold separate workshops for primary school and secondary school pupils, so you will be with young people of a similar age to yourself. With a group of older, secondary pupils, we do some of the same activities as in the younger groups, but the things we talk about and they way we do them are specially designed to appeal to young people. Once you do the activities, you will see that they can work for all ages.


What if I don’t want to do one of the activities?

Young people at Slide Away are not forced to do anything that they don’t feel ready to do. An adult can explain to you why the activity may help and will offer to start it with you, but if you decide you can’t do it, that’s okay.


Will I have to talk in front of everyone about my special person who has died?

You need only do and say what you feel comfortable with at a workshop. You may find that, as you get to know the others at the workshop, you feel more ready to talk, but there will be absolutely no pressure from anyone at any time.


Do the adults at the workshop know what it is like to have someone important in their life die?

Most of the adults at Slide Away will have had someone in their life die. Some members of the team have had someone very close and special die. All of the adults are kind and caring and good listeners.


What do other children think of Slide Away?

You can look at our “What others say” page to find out about what other children have said about Slide Away. Your school may have a Slide Away “ambassador”, who will have been to a workshop and can tell you more about it. Your School Bereavement Contact will be able to tell you if your school has one.



What do I wear to the workshop?

You don't need to wear school  uniform.  Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and clothes that you don't mind getting messy.



I have really enjoyed my time at Slide Away. Is there something I can do to help other young people in my situation?

You could consider becoming an Ambassador for Slide Away in your school. This could mean explaining to other bereaved young people what you did at your workshop and how you felt it helped you, and encouraging children who are nervous about coming to a workshop. If you would like to become a Slide Away Ambassador ask your School Bereavement Contact to let us know.