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Our Vision

Our aim

We aim to provide an open service that supports and meets the individual needs of all children and young people to help them adjust to a life that has changed following a bereavement.
Since 2004, Slide Away has offered support to children and young people in Kent who have been bereaved of a family member or friend, or who have a parent or sibling with a life limiting illness.
Slide Away’s support sessions provide young people, and the people who care for them, emotional and practical bereavement support. Children have the opportunity to express their feelings, hold onto their memories and find ways of coping on difficult days.
Our aim
Achieved By

Our impact

Every year, Slide Away supports more than 250 children and young people and their families. The impact of a loved one's death can be devastating for a child, but with timely, evidence-based support, we know they can flourish, reach their full potential and lead a full life.
We achieve this by:
    • Listening to the child
    • Talking to parents, carers and schools
    • Providing the child with timely, age appropriate support
    • Having an ‘open door’ for future re-referral