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Your Wellbeing

Practice self-care


It is really important to practice self-care to look after your physical and emotional well-being when you are grieving. Taking care of your wellbeing can help you to tackle anxiety and stress and it can also help you be more resilient when things feel overwhelming or tough to cope with. It is particularly important when you are having a bad day. All the ideas work well for both adults and children.

Going out with friends
Taking a dog for a walk
Cuddling a pet
Playing video games
Phoning a friend
Going outside
Spending time with family
Writing feelings down in a journal
Binge watching something on Netflix
Relaxing - downloading a meditation app to help relax
Reminiscing - looking through photos and thinking about the person who died
Join a bereavement group - share your feelings with others who understand
Reading a book
Talking to an adult
Having a lazy day