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5 May 2020

#DeclutterAndDonate now to raise funds for Slide Away. Read more here.

26 April 2020

Join the 2.6 Challenge from Sunday 26 April

Join the 2.6 Challenge from Sunday 26 April to help raise funds for Slide Away.


Summer Term 2020

Due to Covid- 19 all workshops, memory days and other events have been postponed until further notice. Please see our news page for further information.

From Kent to Japan - raising funds for Slide Away

Find out more information on their website and our News page.

You can see the donations page here.



Monday 24 February  -  Parent/carer session

Wednesday 4 March  -  Parent/carer session

Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 March  -  Workshop for secondary school pupils

Wednesday 18 March  -  Memory Day for primary school children

Saturday 29 March 2020 at 7 pm - Sutton Valence Choral Society Spring Concert at All Saints Church Maidstone

(Slide Away is SVCS charity of the year - see our News page for more details of their Spring Concert)




Autumn Term 2019

Monday 16 September   Parent/carer morning

Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 October  Workshop for Secondary pupils

Monday 23 September  Parent/carer morning

Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 October Workshop for Primary pupils

Wednesday 30 October  Parent/carer morning

Wednesday 13 November   Memory Day for Secondary pupils

Monday 18 November  Parent/carer morning

Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 December  Workshop for Primary pupils

Monday 25 November  Parent/carer morning

Wednesday 11 December  Memory Day for Primary pupils

Summer Term 2019

Workshops, Memory Days, Pre-bereavement group meetings and parent/carer sessions

Wednesday 24 April  -  Parent/carer morning

Wednesday 8 May  -  Primary Memory Day

Saturday 18 May - Pre-bereavement Group

Monday 29 April  -  Parent/carer morning

Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 May  -  Secondary 2-day workshop

Wednesday 5 June  -  Parent/carer morning

Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June Primary 2-day workshop

Wednesday 26 June  Parent/Carer morning

Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 July  -  Year 11 2-day workshop


11 June -  Afternoon Boat Trip organised by the Rotary Club of Tonbridge for children and families supported by Slide Away's pre-bereavement group.


Spring Term 2019

Workshops, Memory Days, Pre-bereavement group meetings and parent/carer sessions:

Monday 25 February  - Parent/carer morning

Tuesday12 and Wednesday 13 March - Primary workshop

Thursday 14 March - Parent/carer morning

Saturday 16 March - Pre-bereavement group

Wednesday 27 March - Memory Day

22 March - Cake sale organised by the year 12 Business Group at the Holmesdale Sc



Slide Away's Founder, Denise Ross, joined representatives from other small grass-root charities at a Reception hosted by Her Majesty The Queen in Windsor Castle to celebrate the Centenary of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Linda Cann, a Slide Away Trustee, joined members of the Rotary Club of Tobridge and received a cheque from their President Sonia Williams, who commented 'In my working life I have shared the sadness of a number of children who were having difficulty coming to terms with loss, so I am very happy we can contribute to Slide Away and its work.'

Slide Away's application to receive three year's core funding with effect 1 April 2019 from the Kent Community Foundation has been successful.



Monday 4 February 2019


A huge thank you to everyone who took part in Slide Away’s first Christmas Quiz. I hope you all found it entertaining, if a little challenging. It has been a real pleasure hearing from participants who have said they enjoyed the quiz, although it may have been a little harder than I perhaps intended!

I am delighted to say we raised in excess of £1,000 for this first year’s efforts which will be a great contribution to the fantastic work Slide Away does in helping children at possibly the worst moment in their life. On behalf of the Trustees may I thank you all for your kind donations.

Click here are the answers to the quiz

 You will see we had a couple of answers to one or two questions which I have allowed. Well done to the prize winners. For those of you who agreed to take part again we will send you this year’s Quiz later in the year. If anyone did not tick the box allowing us to send them the Quiz but would like their name added to the mailing list, please let us know.

Wishing you a very happy and successful 2019,

Stephen Beck


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