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Covid-19 Response – March 2021
29 Mar 2021 Monday

Covid-19 Response – March 2021

News Editor


Slide Away is pleased to announce that our workshops have now resumed with other face-to-face support resuming soon.  We have also been sharing information with schools that we believe may be useful to help them...

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13 Sep 2020 Sunday

Covid-19 Response – September 2020

News Editor


Slide Away is pleased to announce that our workshops will resume in October 2020.  Our workshops will follow current government guidelines including those on social distancing and cleaning/hygiene etc. As a result, the format of some of our activities may be altered. This includes reducing the number of children attending each workshop at the current time. Our full risk assessment is available below. 

We have increased the number and frequency of our workshops to enable us to offer all children a placement as soon as we possibly can.  However, as you can imagine, the combined impact of reducing numbers on workshops and having not run any workshops since March (leading to a larger than normal waiting list), may mean allocating places takes some time. Please bear with us. 

In the coming weeks, we will contact parents/carers and schools of children awaiting placement as soon as we are able to offer their child a place at a workshop.

We are very aware that Slide Away's work is about bringing together bereaved children and their families to alleviate the 'isolation' of grief. We are, therefore, available to answer any questions you may have about supporting children, from parents, carers, and schools, whilst they are awaiting placement. Our contact number is 07970 597715 email

In addition:

  • We continue to accept new referrals. We will continue with an increased number and frequency of our workshops to ensure that new referrals are offered a placement as soon as we can. 
  • We continue to accept requests from new schools to become ‘toolkit trained’ (albeit virtually), so that they can refer children to Slide Away.
  • We are updating our website to provide up-to-date information to schools, parents and carers. Please check back regularly for the latest information.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Covid-19 Response – September 2020

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