When you have a cut or a graze on your knee an adult may get the first aid kit out to get you some cream or a plaster.

  • But what do we do if our feelings are hurting?
  • When your feelings are hurting a plaster just won’t help.
  • What do you do that makes you feel a little bit happier?
  • What would you put in your ‘emotional’ first aid kit?

Here are some ideas that young people from a Slide Away workshop would like to share with you:

Having a bad day?

Play on the DS

Play with my toys

Cuddle the dog and Hamsters

Make things in Art and Crafts

Play on the Wii fit

Phone a friend

Go on the Computer

Do something to make myself proud

Go out with my friends in the park

Have a good cry

Cuddle my Cat

Watch TV

Do something physical - jump on a trampoline, jump on a bed, throw a pillow, play sport, cycling, jog and run around, use ideas, dance