Special dates like Christmas, birthdays and anniveraries can be really hard. These are some ideas that other young people have told us have helped them on special dates.


Birthdays, Mothers and Fathers Days, and Anniversaries


Write a letter or a make a card

Have their favourite meal for tea or visit their favourite restaurant

Draw a picture of a good memory you have

Have a look at your memory box

If it’s a nice day you could fly a kite in memory of the person.

Listen to their favourite music

Go on the Winston’s wish web-site and name a star in memory of your special person

Release a balloon with a message attached in the persons favourite colour and watch it float into the sky

Make a message in a bottle for your special person, write a message, roll it up and put it into a bottle. You could decorate the bottle and put it some where safe and secret like a memory box

Look at a photo album with a friend or relative

Buy flowers in their favourite colour and take leave them at a special place

Put a photo in a frame in a special place in your room

Journal your thoughts and feelings

Allow some quiet time for example take a walk


You could do the ideas above at Christmas too but here are some ideas for young people who celebrate Christmas

Tie a special message to the person onto the Christmas tree

Make a special decoration in memory of your special person

Light an advent candle and spend some time remembering your special person. (remember never light a candle with out adult supervision)

Write a special thought or message on some paper roll it up and tie it with a ribbon, put it on the Christmas tree with your hidden message inside

If you have previously attended a Slide Away workshop, you could visit the Slide Away Advent candle event on the first Saturday in December to spend some time doing some creative activities, remembering your special person and meeting up with friends from your Slide Away workshop.

Remember to email Denise Ross at slideawayone@aol.com if you have any ideas or would like to tell us what you do on special dates and we can add them to this page.