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Overview of Our Services

An overview of our support

What we do...

Slide Away provides bereavement support to children and young people up to the age of 18, their families and those who care for them.
We offer Workshops for those bereaved of a parent or sibling, and Memory Days for those bereaved of another family member or friend.  We also offer support to children and young people who have a parent or sibling with a life limiting illness.
As part of our bereavement support we also work with parents and carers, schools and other professionals to help them support bereaved children in their care.
Support for children, young people and parents
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The support we provide children

Workshops, Memory Days and pre-bereavement support groups provide a safe and caring environment where children have time and space to:
  • Meet others who have experienced bereavement or who are living with someone with a life-limiting illness
  • Tell their story, be listened to and understood
  • Express and understand their thoughts and feelings, and hold onto their memories
  • Have permission to grieve, but also to have fun
  • Find coping strategies and build their resilience
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Helping schools to support children

Schools are often described as a haven of normality for the bereaved child, who will feel secure with the structure and routine of the school day. With an important role to play supporting bereaved children, Slide Away helps schools by:
    • Encouraging them to designate a staff member to liaise between the school and Slide Away and support bereaved children
    • Providing information, guidance and training on how best to support bereaved pupils in their school community
    • Offering further training and guidance when the school requests it
    • Providing support to staff and pupils when there has been a death in their school community
Helping schools to support children